Starting out skateboarding

So you're new to the game. You've got buddies that skate, you've seen rad people doing it on instagram or you've simply always wondered what it's like. But where do you start? This is where we say "swing on in"! Some times it's a touch intimidating asking for help but we want everyone to have access to the stoke of skateboarding so we want you to know; 


And they always will be from us. If you want to know what size board you need. Why wheels are all different. Where to skate. If you need pads and helmet. When is a nice quiet time to skate the local park because you feel a little bit intimidated by crowds. Then just pop in and see us. Please don't be afraid to ask. Our local skate scene is RAD, they're a proper good bunch who encourage all newcomers and as daunting as a skatepark might seem to some you're gonna love it when you get the hang of it!

Feel free to message us on social media or call on 01823 251729. Skate safe and stay stoked.