Sex Wax Quick humps Surf Wax


"The Best for you stick" is what they say.
And we agree. We've sold every wax under the sun at some point and while I'll concede that there are good alternatives out there or some wicked smelling waxes, time and time again Sex Wax delivers consistently good grip and that's why it's the only wax we sell today. Quick humps is an even better, easy application that original formula. Everyone has their own favoured method but we're fans of light criss-crossing followed evenly pressured circles. Simply pick the temp you need and get it on your board!

Cold to Cool - 2X extra soft - 9-20 Degrees C - Purple
Cool to Mid Warm - 3X Soft - 14-23 Degrees C - Green
Warm to Mild Tropic - 5X Hard - 21-29 Degrees C - Red
Tropic - 6X Extra Hard - 26 Degrees C and above - Blue