O'neill Superfreak Fuze 5/4 Wetsuit

£120.00 On Sale

Our go-to, sub £200, winter wetsuit that we recommend in the shop and with good reason. It's a solid winter warrior that's gonna battle the cold and not fall to bits.
Fully glued and blindstitched seams as you would expect on a winter suit,
'F.U.Z.E' entry system which is simply chest entry with a bit more manouverability around that fixed shoulder joint - handy when you gotta get out quick 'cause it's cold,
Double superseal neck,
key stash,
Krypto knee pads
and the bits that really make it great value - 100% Ultraflex neoprene is really good neoprene for this money, soft feeling and loads of flex even at 5mm. Plus firewall lining AND smoothskin on the chest so you're not gonna freeze your nips off in that wind chill.
This suit punches way above its weight in our opinion and is our best seller this season for that reason.
Available in the simple and safe Black/Black/Black colour and a bargain at £120 down from £175.