MORE new Mystery Box goodness this year with our checked shirt lucky dip!
We always have a bloody solid selection of checked shirts, for guys like us it's an easy choice for a smarter occasion or a winter layer piece. What with the shop being closed right now and all we've decided to do a heckin' deal on one shirt in whatever size you want so we're doing a lucky dip! You tell us what size you want and we'll pick either a Brixton Bowery or Volcom Caden Plaid shirt (our two best sellers) in a random colour so you get another rad shirt for the collection at a killer price!
Same deal as before. This is a MYSTERY box so there could be anything in there but if you wanna leave notes as to what sort of colours or fit's you tend to wear then we'll do our best to stoke you out. Again, as before, if you've grossly underestimated how much Christmas timber you're carrying then we'll always try to swap out items that don't fit with another random tee. if you're a local yokel and wanna click 'n' collect, use the code 'CLICK' at the checkout and that'll eliminate shipping fee's!